Rise in child suicide bombings – International Community must take action ?>

Rise in child suicide bombings – International Community must take action

Two reports from UNICEF and Action on Armed Violence which state that children as young as 7 have been used as suicide bombers have prompted SNP MP Roger Mullin to lead a special debate in Westminster on the issue, and to call on the international community for action.

Mr Mullin said: “These vulnerable children are victims themselves, and deserve all we can do to protect them.

“The lack of clear statistics on the extent of the problem means that tackling the issue will be difficult. We need to see more research done by international agencies, with some clear recommendations on intervention to halt this evil practice.

“This will need resource, and I urge donor states to allocate sufficient funding for both the research, and the implementation of workable solutions.”

Roger Mullin is Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Weapons which examines the humanitarian impact of the use of weapons such as landmines and IEDs.

The Westminster Hall Debate will take place on Tuesday 13th October. Following the debate, Roger Mullin MP will be hosting a meeting in Parliament of mine action, counter-IED and related organisations to discuss this and similar forthcoming inquiries to be undertaken by the Group.

The APPG on Explosive Weapons will publish their findings and recommendations in 2016 in partnership with the Counter-IED Report.

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For more information on the APPG Explosive Weapons, or to request an interview please contact: Nigel Ellway APPG co-ordinator on 07586 329335 email nigel.ellway@parliament.uk

For Action on Armed Violence   +44 (0)20 7256 9500,

For UNICEF +44 (0)300 330 5580

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