UK politicians to probe the use and humanitarian impact of IEDs ?>

UK politicians to probe the use and humanitarian impact of IEDs

The worrying increase in the use of IEDs around the world is the subject of a new inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Weapons.

International organizations and individuals including United Nations Agencies, NGOs, academics and specialists in security and defence have been invited to present written evidence, answering the following questions:

  1. What are the main groups that operate around the globe today and what types of IEDs do they employ?
  2. What challenges do state governments and law enforcement agencies face in effectively monitoring and restricting the sale of dual use precursor materials used in making IEDs and the exchange of technology between groups?
  3. The level and extent of humanitarian harm caused by IEDs around the world?

This will be followed later in 2016 by an oral evidence session in Parliament resulting in a written report of findings and recommendations.

Chairman of the APPG Roger Mullin MP said

There has been a dramatic rise in the use of IEDs over the last four years, with 2015 being the worst yet. Recent findings by Action on Armed Violence* give some indication of the humanitarian misery and horror these weapons cause.

There is a lack of clear statistics on the full extent of the problem, which means that agencies and Governments tackling the issue find allocating and focusing resources difficult. Working together with statutory bodies, NGOs, academics and the private sector, we, as Politicians have a duty to combat the idea that IEDs are an acceptable weapon and civilians are an acceptable target.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Weapons is a group of concerned backbench Parliamentarians from both houses who wish to see a reduction in the harm caused to innocent civilians by the use of explosive devices.

The inquiries undertaken by the Group are designed to inform and guide discussions so that the Group can provide robust, research driven recommendations and advice to UK Government and the International Community.

The group is supported and advised by:

  • Action on Armed Violence
  • Battrick Consultancy
  • Chatham House
  • Counter IED Report
  • SiXLM Consultancy

* Tracking IED Harm

For further Information on the APPG on Explosive Weapons or interviews with Roger Mullin MP please call Nigel Ellway on 07586 329335.

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